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Our purpose

The Elder Mistreatment Helpline (LAAA) is a listening and referral phone line specializing in older adults’ mistreatment. It offers services to various types of clienteles and is aimed specifically to older adults in situations of mistreatment, their families and friends, as well as anyone (general public, health and community service providers, professionals) who is concerned about an older adult who seems to be in a situation of mistreatment.

The LAAA professionals offer you:

  • Active listening: By fully concentrating and validating, we help callers express their experience and feelings.
  • Psychosocial assessment: We ask questions to gather information on all aspects of the situation and assess the level of risk.
  • Empowerment: We offer support, helping the callers to recognize their reality and needs, while respecting their decisions and rights.
  • Information: We provide information about resources and possible recourses in order for the callers to make an informed decision.
  • Guidance and referrals: We orient callers to the resources best qualified to help, explaining how to get in contact with them. If necessary, with the person’s consent, we may also provide a written or verbal referral to the appropriate resources.
  •  Punctual or emergency intervention: To support the older adult and loved ones, or to ensure the person’s safety, we proceed with an appropriate phone intervention.
  • Follow-up phone calls: If necessary, and with the person’s consent, we make follow-up phone calls to provide additional support and guidance.