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Material and financial mistreatment of the elderly

Did you know that financial or material abuse is one of the types of abuse most often reported to the Elder Abuse Help Line.

There is material or financial abuse when there is “fraudulent, illegal, unauthorized or dishonest obtaining or use of the person’s property or legal documents, lack of financial or legal information or misinformation”.

Material or financial abuse can manifest itself as violence * or as neglect **.

Several clues can lead to the suspicion of material or financial abuse such as : “unusual banking transactions, disappearance of valuables, lack of money for current expenses, limited access information on the management of the person’s property, etc. “

Note that : Seniors who present a form of dependence on someone, whether physical, emotional, social or business, are at greater risk to suffer this type of abuse. Beyond the financial or material aspect, this type of mistreatment can affect the physical or psychological health of the elderly by influencing their ability to assume their responsibilities or meet their needs.

* Pressure to modify a will, banking transaction without consent (use of a bank card, internet transactions, etc.), embezzlement of funds or goods, excessive price charged for services rendered, identity theft, etc. .

** Fail to manage property in the best interests of the individual or provide necessary property when in charge; don’t question a person’s suitability, financial understanding or literacy, etc.


Mandated by the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS), the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center of Center-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal (CIUSSS CODIM), through the Center for Research in Social Gerontology (CREGÉS), has developed, in collaboration with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), training intended for people working in the financial sector.

This training aims to make learners aware of the issues of mistreatment and to equip them to support their senior clientele in a situation of mistreatment or at risk of being so.


The Elder Abuse Help Line becomes a one-stop shop for the financial sector and offers its professional consultation service to anyone in the financial sector working with a clientele aged 50 or over.

The service is available every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call us at 1-888-489-2287 or fill in the professional consultation request form on our website for make an appointment.


List of available help resources and services

Services available at all times, everywhere in Quebec

Emergency services


Police, ambulance and fire services: to contact when the health or safety of a person is compromised 9-1-1
Info-Social Free telephone intervention service to quickly reach a psychosocial worker in the region 8-1-1 (option 2)
Info-Santé Free telephone consultation service to reach a nurse, concerning a health problem (not urgent). 8-1-1 (option 1)
Center for Suicide Prevention Free support services for suicidal people, loved ones, people bereaved by suicide and caregivers. 1-866-APPELLE


Suspected mistreatment situation (for the senior)

Elder Abuse Help Line Provincial helpline and referral specializing in elder abuse. Toll free, confidential and bilingual (interpretation services available for languages ​​other than French and English). 1-888-489-ABUS



Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission

Organization that aims to defend the rights of individuals under the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms Particularly related to exploitation. Article 48 . Free and confidential services. 1-800-361-6477

Local Community Service Center

Front-line health and social services, free, which aim to support the person for the improvement of the state of health and well-being of citizens.

Depending on your region

CISSS and CIUSSS Complaints and Service Quality Commissioner

Services for receiving and processing user complaints relating to services provided within the framework of the health and social services network. They also receive reports of abuse Depending on your region

Assistance Center

and support for complaints

Free assistance and support services for people who wish to file a complaint with a health and social services establishment. 1-877-767-2227

For financial fraud situations

Municipal police or Sûreté du Québec Services for receiving and handling complaints related to fraud, extortion or identity theft. Depending on your region
Canadian Anti-Fraud Center Central body that collects criminal intelligence and information on Canadian fraud complaints. 1-888-495-8501
Autorité des marchés financiers Support and protection services: filing a complaint about a representative or a financial services company; reporting fraud. 1-877-525-0337
Office de la protection du consommateur Information and complaints reception services relating to a product or service purchased. 1-888-672-2556
Transunion Canada Credit bureau which offers a fraud victim assistance service (SAVF): credit monitoring products. 1-877-525-3823

Autres Ressources

In case of incapacity

Curateur public du Québec Organization which aims to ensure the protection of incapacitated persons, the safeguard of their autonomy and the respect of their rights.

Register of protection regimes: https://www.curateur.gouv.qc.ca/registres/fr/criteres.jsp


In the event of a dispute in a private seniors' residence

Federation of Complaints Assistance and Support Centers Since April 1, 2019, the regional assistance and support centers can offer people living in private seniors’ residences assistance and support services to help them settle their lease disputes. 1-877-767-2227

Community organizations specializing in the fight against mistreatment

Some community organizations have the main mission of acting against mistreatment of seniors. However, this type of organization is not found in all regions of Quebec.

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To find out about organizations in your region, you can contact the Elder Abuse Help Line

Line Help Abuse Seniors


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ACEF cooperative family economy association Contact details of ACEF du Québec – ACEF Estrie

  • Profile of your financial situation
  • Preventive advice
  • Budget method
  • Negotiation with creditors
  • Information on rights and remedies
  • Debt solutions

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AQDR Quebec association for the defense of the rights of retirees: regional aqdr can support seniors in various procedures related to their rights. Helping seniors program.

For a better reference contact the Aide-Abus-Ainés line. The professionals will make an initial assessment of the situation and will direct you to the right resource.

You can consult the Reference guide to counter the elder abuse on the MSSS website. You will find reading profiles for the various stakeholders including those in the financial world.

You can also consult the Practical guide for the financial services industry produced by Autorité des marchés financiers

Download the PDF version of the list of resources and services available to the financial community by clicking here.