Since October 2010, the Ligne Aide Abus Aînés (LAAA) allows practitioners across the province to benefit from the expertise developed by its team of professionals.

The professional consultation service is offered to practitioners in the health and social services network or community organizations who would like to consult regarding an elder mistreatment situation.

Depending on the situation and the needs expressed by the practitioner, this free, confidential and bilingual service may include:

  • a discussion and shared understanding of the mistreatment situation
  • the identification of elements to be evaluated by the practitioner
  • the identification of possible avenues for intervention
  • the identification of relevant resources
  • a discussion regarding prioritization of interventions
  • a discussion about the clinical and ethical aspects of the situation

One of the objectives of the consultation is to offer optimal support to practitioners. Following a consultation with the LAAA, practitioners should feel better equipped to take action with the older adult and those close to him or her. They will also have a clearer understanding of their professional responsibilities and the limits of their intervention.

This service also gives access to the Provincial Multisectorial Consultation Team for intervention in elder mistreatment, which is composed of a membership of professionals from various disciplines, organizations and institutions. The Provincial Multisectorial Consultation Team provides a consultation service that specifically addresses the needs of practitioners confronted with complex and difficult elder mistreatment situations.

Please share this service in your network! You can print the promotional poster HERE and distribute it around you.

For a professional consultation, please contact the Line at 1-888-489-2287 or complete our Professional Consultation Request form.