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Services offered to the general public

Are you an older adult living a situation of mistreatment?

We offer empathetic, respectful and non-judgmental listening. We know it can be difficult to talk about mistreatment, so it is important for us to respect your pace and your choices. A member of our specialized team is on the line to answer your questions and support you in finding solutions to reduce or stop the negative effects of mistreatment.

A call to the Elder Mistreatment Helpline (LAAA) provides you with information on the different types of mistreatment and the effect they can have on your quality of life, your physical health and your psychosocial well-being. It also offers you information on the resources available at your disposal to support you in this difficult situation and / or to help you put an end to it.

Are you a relative, a friend, an acquaintance or someone who has witnessed mistreatment?

Your collaboration is important and it can make a big difference! Based on the information you provide, we can assess the risks of the situation, guide you in your observations to further clarify the situation, and orient you to the appropriate resources or approaches to take. You will be better equipped to offer support to the older adult who is, or appears to be, experiencing a   form of mistreatment.