Services offered to the general public

abus_r1_c6The LAAA helpline offers services to older adults experiencing mistreatment, to their family members, and to anyone who is concerned about a possible situation of mistreatment.

These are the services offered by LAAA professionals:

  • Active listening: By listening carefully and responding, we assist callers in describing their experience and feelings.
  • Psychosocial assessment: We ask questions to fully understand all aspects of the situation and assess the risks.
  • Empowerment: We offer callers support, helping them to recognize their reality and needs, while respecting their decisions and rights.
  • Information: We provide information on resources and possible recourse so that callers may make an informed decision about the actions they will take.
  • Guidance and referrals: We direct callers to the resources best qualified to offer assistance, explaining how to contact them. If necessary, with the person’s informed consent, we may provide a written or verbal referral to the appropriate resources.
  • Specific or emergency intervention: To support the older adult and loved ones, or to ensure the person’s safety, we may make an appropriate intervention by phone.
  • Follow-up phone calls: If necessary, and with the person’s consent, we may make follow-up phone calls to provide additional support and guidance.