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Training programs

The original mandate of the Elder Mistreatment Helpline (LAAA) included a training component entitled “Fight against Elder Abuse” for the psychosocial practitioners in Quebec’s Health and Social Services network (RSSS). In the fall of 2010, each CSSS was invited to submit training requests to the Elder Mistreatment Helpline (LAAA) in accordance with its needs. As of March 31, 2017, 68 training courses were conducted across 17 regions of Quebec, educating  936 participants, including 269 train the trainers.

With the new 2017-2022 Government Action Plan to Counter Elder Abuse, the training component of the Elder Mistreatment Helpline’s mandate has been expanded to include the community network. In addition, with the adoption of Act to combat Older Adults Mistreatment and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations (L-6.3) on May 30, 2017, the need to update  the training content was deemed  necessary.

In 2017, the LAAA was given the mandate to develop a training adapted to the realities of different environments, including the RSSS, the community and the financial sector. This development is being completed by the Center for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology (CREGÉS) of the CIUSSS COMTL.

For any additional information, you may contact the regional mistreatment coordinator in your area.